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“Twilight” star at Show Place Arena

Mar 16, 2013, 3:40 PM EDT

Guess who’s making his first appearance at the Show Place Arena this weekend?

That would be Edward Cullen from the “Twilight” saga.

OK, not the real guy, but the standout cutout might as well be the telepathic vampire. He’s part of the Hofstra band. Why?

“We wanted to have a distraction,” said band captain Samantha Ferrara, who also plays alto sax.

For Friday’s quarterfinal, Cullen donned a Pride jersey and made a stink during the opponent’s free throws. He’s playing it cool in jeans for Saturday’s semifinal against Delaware.

“This is the first road trip he’s been on,” Ferrara said. “We wanted to bring him along.”

What else is there to love about the Pride band? The white board that Miguel Hutchinson carries that contains a new message every few minutes. The latest: “Do it for Shante.”

Megan Nugent, decked out in Hofstra colors on both cheeks, said she wants the Pride to feel the love all the way from New York given they’re in the building loaded with Delaware support.

“I’m a singer, so I shouldn’t be screaming,” she said. “But in this case, I feel like I want to outscream them.”

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