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Hofstra brings its Pride to the Show Place Arena

Mar 16, 2013, 2:05 PM EDT

Delaware fans have turned the Show Place Arena into a home away from Bob Carpenter Center — Newark is a mere 90-minute drive from Upper Marlboro — but there’s plenty of Hofstra Pride in the building, too. While the Pride contingent isn’t as sizable, they’re just as passionate, right down to the team manager’s mom.

Marilyn Kirk came to support her freshman daughter Percilla Wills, manager of the Pride, and promised, “We’re going to bring some spirit today!”

Karen Edmond, pictured, is also supporting her freshman daughter, Asia Jackson; Jackson has started 13 games, averaging 4.7 points. Edmond said Jackson’s talent runs in the family.

“I have no basketball skills whatsoever,” she said, but noted that Asia’s Uncle Kevin played for Penn State, and her Uncle Tyrone starred professionally for France.

Jackson has inspired Edmond to get involved in the game and start her own blog talk radio site (Karen Unfiltered) that advises parents on all the issues that a promising young basketball player can face.

As for the today’s game, she gives the nod to the Pride.

“If they play like yesterday, absolutely,” she said. “They have the talent — absolutely. I believe they can win.”

For the record, Delaware defeated Hofstra 79-63 on Feb. 2 and 79-50 on Feb. 28.

Round 3 coming up!