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5 questions with Delaware’s Elena Delle Donne

Mar 9, 2012, 8:43 PM EDT

Great chatting with the nation’s leading scorer and CAA Player of the Year, whose Blue Hens advanced to the semifinals with a win over ODU.

We had a head’s up that EDD loves the show “Chopped.” What would be in her dream basket?

There would have to be a blue Hen, but Elena makes it clear: “We’re not cooking the blue hen!

“I’m not creative as a chef. I’m pretty good at Italian food; the team likes that a lot. And I make this Mediterranean penne pasta with chicken, feta cheese, spinach and sundried tomatoes. For dessert, I like to make a mint chocolate chip pie. I also like to make crepes.”

So I understand you had to give away your beloved Great Dane?

“His name was Max. He got too big and it wasn’t fair to have him live in my apartment.” (Luckily, Max’s new home is with Danny Karwoski; see previous post).

Why a Great Dane anyway?

“I love Great Danes. I love their personality. They’re huge but really like a lap dog. They’re loving and loyal.”

Your app of choice these days?

Draw Something. You get a word and draw a picture of it and send it to your friends.

With all that’s written about you, something someone would be surprised to know about you?

I’m a prankstar. My roommate (Meghan McLean) gets the brunt of it. She’s really scared of clowns. One night I couldn’t sleep and I painted my face like a clown and woke her up.”

I know you’ll be happy with whoever you play in the NCAA Tournament, but do you want to see UConn?

I don’t want to see them early; I’d rather it be somebody else. But they are a great team and it would be an interesting atmosphere.”