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Who are these guys?

Oct 18, 2011, 1:37 PM EDT

Standing alongside Krista Kilburn-Steveskey, JMU coach Kenny Brooks talked about a brand new world in Harrisonburg — you know the one minus Dawn Evans. Evans, by the way, dropped in at JMU last week, along with Tamera Young for homecoming, and Brooks had some ideas.

“I could put Dawn at the 1 and Tamera at the 2 …..”

Instead rotating in and out will be┬áTanica Anderson, Toia Giggetts, Jasmine Gill, Jazmon Gwathmey, Briana jones, Crystal Ross — all new freshman whose names will soon be as familiar as Evans and Young.

“Everybody’s focusing on what we lost,” Brooks said. “I’m focusing on what we have.”

The Duke to put in the best summer? Brooks said it’s a tie between Tarik Hislop and Nikki Newman.

“Both are stepping up into new rules,” Brooks said. “Nikki has been our glue. Now she’s got to be the one to step up and hit those open jump shots.”

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