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5 questions with JMU senior Courtney Hamner

Mar 12, 2011, 7:58 PM EDT

The senior guard from Manassas, who has won JMU’s Team Hustle Award the last three years, scored 12 points in 22 minutes, keeping the Rams at bay with two key 3-pointers in the Dukes’ semifinal victory.

1. You’re a fun player to watch. Who do you like to watch? “LeBron.”

2. Evans, Evans, Evans. You’ve heard that name a lot the last four years. “We tease her about it, but she takes it all in stride. She has got both feet on the ground.”

3. Fun for you is ….?ย ”Going to the movies and the beach. (My family) used to have a lake houseย in Nags Head.”

4. What would surprise folks about you? “I like to go to the movies alone!”

5. Anything else? “Whenever I eat anything sweet or sour, the right side of my cheek turns red. I don’t know why.”

One more….

6. You’ve weathered Kenny Brooks for four years. What line does he say the most in practice? “It’s not how fast you do it. It’s how you do it. He has said that a million times.”